Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lantronix's Enhanced XPrintserver released for Personal use for iPhone/iPad Photo print.

Earlier printing from iPad and iPhone it was something dream until 2010. Apple has introduce the USB enable printing in Phone as well as for iPad. After that many manufacturer introduce their own Print streamer for Apple products.In the same line Lantronix is much familiar "Photo Printer" for Apple devices. There is no need to switch on the Mac PC just plug your cute iPad/iPhone directly to printer and take your favourite photos.

In 2010, Apple introduced the "AirPrint" throught this Ariprint all Apple devices supports printing facilities.Initially Apple supports printing features only 12 printers that is HP Photiosmart plus and e-all-in-one Series and other devices called scanner,Printerm and fax machines.Followed by these printers Canon and Epson also added AirPrint features in their printers.But now a days lot of printers which doesn't supports Airprint.

But the only company which release the Airprint for all their printers which is called Lantyronix.Their device supports Airprint and other smartphones as well.XPrintServer is very cute and small device specifically designed for Apple product so they have very much concentrated on the hardware design part.This device size is very small like 4.5 inche.This box has the very color ful "X" simple on top of the box and its glowing while the bootup and give the signal to user that printer is ready to take print.Just plug the power adaptor and 
plug your cute Apple device USB cable to this device now the X simple will glow which means its ready to take print.

This Home Edition of Lantronix new device supports all the Apple device include the MacBook Pro,iPhone,
iPad and iPod.Also it supports other smartphone also it the smartphone has the USB connection.If UBS printer is already at your home then just plug your Apple device then dialouge will come up with the message and you  can initiate the printer.

The price of the device just $99 only.

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