Saturday, 23 June 2012

Mac get new Storage and Tunderbolt PCIe combinely called TurboBox NA211TB from Netstor

Netstor is the popular hardware manufacture for the Apple devices.They have come with the new series of thunderbolt PCIe and storage devices for Mac Notbooks.Actually recently Apple has released its wonderful retina display MacBook Pro in WWDC 2012. it has really a very thinnest in size and also it has advance hardware specification as well.Now Netstor rolled out lot of new Thinderbold powerede PCIe for Mac book for better run its iOS6 software.

The storage expanstion also too good fron Netstor.Actually its all about one box called TurboBox NA211TB from Netstor.It has wonderful three additional PCIe for all Mac book PCs.It has the speed of 10Gb/s ports contained this box.The ND 780TB storage box will have the 16 day of back of disk storage approximately.Also this company has rolled out the Mac Mini Server named as NA333TB which give the SIXTEEN separate storage rack for each 16 hard drive also provides the RAIS array of option.

There is no shipping and pricing officially announced still now from Netstor.So lets watch and see when Netstor will release the product to the market for Apple fans.

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