Google 3D map released for iOS has over taken Apple maps.

Google has recently released its updated 3D map for the iOS devices.Its really exactly similar object what we have see in real life.All the buildings and other objects are perfectly alighned.So Google has taken the Apple's map crazyness.Also there are huge number of people currently using iOS 6 Apple's own 3D maps.Now Google has given the similar and most appropriate 3D objects in maps. To avail this people needs to update the Google earth on iOS devices.According to the official Google news this information has released.This iOS Google's 3D maps has announced at the Google IO 2012 event.Now this iOS map available in the App store for the update.

iOS Device Supports 3D Maps:

Also this 3D maps will be working only on the latest release of iPad 2 and New iPad as well as it will work on iPhone 4S.

Location covered in Maps:

All the iOS users will be getting the same location which is already covered in the Apples 3D Maps.Here is the list of update about the location which is supported for Los Angeles,Boston,San Francisco,Bay Area.Also 14 region has added in the Google earth 3D maps.Google will add more cities in the coming month in the 3D location areas in Google Earth.

Google Says,

Google 3D map product manager Peter Birch from Google's team geo "At end of this year Google targetting 300 million people coverage even that is in Only one year"

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