Mountain Lion Downloads 3M within 4Days.

Apple has recently announced and released the Mountain Lion OS X for Mac devices in Apple WWDC 2012. Now it has officially released for download for $20.After the release it has downloaded by 3 million people withing two weeks of time period.Its really unbelievable downloads for operating system market segment.This OS X mountain Lion has lot of enhanced features as well as lot of additional features it has included from this OS version onward.

The Mountain Lion OS has reached the market completely and also it has released with lower budget that is also one reason to download.This is really a milestone history in the Apple OS segment.This is really a sales record of Apple's history.The Cupertino company has reached the target of selling Mountain Lion OS X within Four Days.Also Mountain Lion OS X has comes with 200 new feature this is also one reason to reach  3M downloads.This OS integrated of most of the iOS features within this OS this really a perfect reason to reach these download.Also one major integration is facebook integrated within this OS this make all the people to download.

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