The front panel of Next iPhone5 identified.

The entire world is eagerly waiting for the next generation that is 2012 iPhone 5.All Apple fans are eagerly waiting to touch and feel the new look and design of the next iPhone.So we have analysed the news of front panel and got confirmed from the official source from china this panels are real.The new iPhone 5 front panel has the new look and it confirm that the new iPhone comes with larger screen. The front panel has not yet finished and its a rough work got it from the channel.

This is the sample piece which is received for production of huge volume of this model.So this is jsut sample piece.But this is really have the closer look of the front panel.The new iPhone may comes with front camera for the face time app and placed top of the speakers.But this is very minor changes but Apple is hardly working on the new look of next iPhone model.But still there is rumors going on so we can't say anything as of now about the new look the next iPhone.

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