iPhone SMS spoofing.

Now Apple is facing another problem in the software which are used in the iPhone and iPad also all the iOS devices.The text message spoofing is some spoofing the text message in the iPhone.Even one can spoof in the latest version of iOS 6 beta 4 version as well.So make sure when your replying your message just identify the sender.if the sender is known then send the reply otherwise just ignore that sms.Actually the vulnerable is that Apple using the reply to address of all the replied header of user data header to capture the origin of the message instead of finding the raw source.So who ever using the iPhone just make sure that your iPhone not infected of this spoofing of text message.This phising attach is seen in most of the iOS devices.Now we have seen that one tool has released just initial proof of concept message tool soon  coming to iPhone.But pod2g is releasing the official version of this tool soon.But Apple will get back soon but there is no date has finalized as of now.

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