Dropbox new Photo viewer especially designed for iOS.

Dropbox offer the photo sharing option that every one knows and now if you login into the Dropbox.com in any of the browser its shows the photo navigation just swipe and tap to view the photo.The new Photo browser light box  view comes with full screen in chrome browser ad the photos are appeared in the black background.Also when you tap it will directly take to the next image also there is icon at the bottom we can share the image link as well.Also options are to look out the full sized original image as well as just have download this image or delete.

So these are the options which is available in the light box new photo browser.Also when users are struggled to make the photo which taken in the iPad,iPhone or digital camera Dropbox provides the complete solution for your photo to be organised properly.

Also the light box which is added new features like Camera Upload options,this options just upload all the images which has in iOS devices directly upload to Dropbox.This is really good option because Apple is always selling their product in the storage wise so if anybody running out of storage then we can start uploading all the images to the Dropbox.

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