iPad mini price leaked 8GB wi-fi cost €249 also 64GB Cellular version cost €649.

Actually next week we can see the price list of all the iPad mini flavors but now the price list of the iPad mini has leaked in the German based Mobile websites called Mobile Geeks.The information has leaked from the inventory System of Apple online retailer which exactly shows the price of the iPad mini models.As usual based on the storage version the iPad mini price got changed.

Also iPad mini comes with White as well as Black colors which is cost around €249 and this cost is for lower end model and wi-fi version of iPad mini.Also if we consider the higher end model which is coming with Cellular network which is cost around €100.Also the higher end model 16GB cost around €349.Also finally the highest end storage version 64GB comes with cost of €649 which is having cellular network.

The new has published by the German website has in US also the price has been published in $249 and $649 or exact exchange rate of Euro to dollar  price.Also when we compare to Google nexus $249 price for the 8GB iPad min has expensive more than $50.

Why Apple has making the iPad mini because Google Nexus 7  and Amazon kindle has seen lot of success making tablets in smaller size and low price.So Apple is planning to give exact competition to Google and Amazon.Also Google Nexus 7 is only available on some of the countries so Apple may expand its selling of iPad mini to all over the world including ASIA market as well.

Actually Amazon HD Kindle fire tablet has reached market well and it has very nice specification as well but still its really worse even compare to Google nexus 7 interns of reaching all the world countries.Because Amazon HD kindle has not yet released in some of the countries still now.

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