MacBook Pro 13-inch expected to come on October event with iPad mini.

Apple last june released the new MacBook Pro 15-inch with fantastic retina display along with iOS 6 and many more on the Apple WWDC 2012 event. Now  Apple is expected to be release the new retina display screen for the MacBook Pro 13-inch version.Actually the US retailer which is more believable news source said that Apple will launch the new MacBook Pro 13-inch retina display version along with iPad mini in the October event.The expected new MacBook pro comes with thinner and light weighter than the earlier one.Actually same as 15-inch MacBook pro.

The thickness is also expected to be reduced Then new MacBook pro 13-inch expected to sale immediate launch as well as the business model to sell this new MacBook pro two version of models this time Apple will follow the processor with storage version model. Yes like MacBook pro 13-inch retina display along with high end processor and high storage as well as low end processor with bit reduced memory.

These two configuration initially expected from Apple for the new MacBook pro 13-inch retina display variants.Also the new MacBook pro expected to be sell at high price same as MacBook pro 15-inch version.Also the new MacBook pro 13-inch comes with faster processor for the speed processing and faster USB 3.0 for the speed data transfer.The ongoing market 15-inch MacBook pro variants product name as D2 and its smaller variants MacBook pro 13-inch comes with product name D1.

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