Payments for Apple Store by Passbook.

Apple's new features and famous application Passbook which is having option to pay the bill and other hotel book as well as lot of new ideas and methods are included.Now its seem Apple is planning to accept the credit/debit card payment making at the Apple store after words collect from Passbook application.Apple is aggressively preparing on payment gateway between customer and Passbook.

Once this works fine then every one can pay Apple store bill payement by your smartphone iPhone 5 itself.Apple's wallet Application which is called as Virtual Wallet on iPhone app and Passbook all these application are useing to have payment systems.Also the sources said that Apple expected to send the Mobile point of sale which means
that EasyPay option to all its retail store employees.Also the new update number version called 12.3 this  version brings the update to pay through the Passbook application.

Also recently some of the retail stores said that Apple display for new iPhone 5 is not working on Payment system scanning devices.Apple will give the fix soon at this week itself.Also Apple is planning to send the update for the consumer using application on their new iPhone.Also now Software on Apple store expected to be changed to accept the Passbook payment features.Soon all the Apple store payment system will be seeing hugh change.

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