Tuesday, 16 August 2016

iPhone 7 Black Variant leaked online with dual camera Setup.

The all new iPhone 7 which is expecting to come with dual camera as per the leaked online image.Just a month to go to launch of next version of iPhone in between we have seen number
of online leaked images about the upcoming iPhone 7 images.This new leaked images shows that the upcoming iPhone 7 space grey which is comes along with  Rose Gold and other gold color
option which is featuring dual camera setup.

Also this image surely will be the original of iPhone 7 because all these colors of iPhone came with Smart connector a the bottom of the iPhone. Actually this feature was rumored in earlier days but now its true that Apple is going to replace head phone jack into smart connector. The assembly reiterates the addition of the Force Touch home button  which is expected to use haptic feedback, instead of the physically pressed inwards button seen on previous versions. The new home button is anticipated to understand the amount  of pressure put on it, and act accordingly.

Collating previous leaks, the 4.7-inch iPhone will sport a full-HD resolution, while the 5.5-inch panel is expected to sport a 2K or Quad-HD screen. It will be more waterproof  than its predecessor, and may just be called the iPhone 6SE because of the minimal design changes. There are three variants expected, and the and Plus and Pro variants will sport a dual camera setup.

There is an expected 3GB of RAM bump in the Pro variant to accommodate the new dual camera hardware. The 3.5mm audio jack will be missing, and audio will be transmitted  through the Lightning port. For this to work, Apple is expected to bundle Lightning-powered EarPods, and may also unveil new Bluetooth headsets. The Cupertino giant is widely rumoured to host the launch event on September 5 or 6, and make it available in the market starting September 16.

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