MacBook Pro get new Storage device from G-Technology.

Apple's business model every one knows that all the product which they are releasing and fix the cost for the product based on the storage.Even in iPad and iPhone there is no external microSD slot due to Apple's business model. Now Apple MacBook Pro and iMac also iPad will come with limited storage inbuild.To overcome this lot of other third party hardware storage manufacturing company release their own product for Mac supported external storage.

The latest G-Technology hard drive which is enabled the USB 3.0.If any of the Apple fans who are already taken the MacBook Pro with rentina display 2012 release or MacBook Air 2012 this harddrive is very much compatible for these MacBooks. MacBook Pro with retina display released with all the latest configuration from the processor to data connectivity ports.So this harddrive will work perfectly with new MacBook Pros.

Also G-Technology has rolled out he G-Drive mini which looks like mobile device with slim and sleek design.It operates higher speed and it comes iwth  1TB of storage.Also G-Technology released the Twin-drive which fastest storage device and it has 1.5TB G-RAID mini will be working on 3Gbps bandwidth.

Now the G-Drive which is very latest model of storage enable USB 3.0 also it has 4TB of storage even we can carry this while going to tour or picnick.This G-drive will be coming to market on August and the price of the G-Drive comes inbetween $110 and $810.

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