Monday, 25 June 2012

The Next version of iPhone's prototype shows as NFC enabled with 1136×640 resolution

Apple's next big movement is to create the revolution in Smartphone market by introduce the advanced technology with larger display with HD resolution. Now Apple is very much working towards the next generation iPhone.We can expect very soon in August new iPhone which will have the advanced technology as well as very thinnest smartphone design.We will see the detailed prototype by Apple and their technology which will come with next iPhone.

Prototype shown display screen with 1136×640 resolution:

Today we got the official news regarding the Apple's next iPhone prototype pattern. Prototype Pattern number as N41AP 5.1 and N42AP 5.2.From this prototype pattern we confirm that surely next iPhone will have the HD display with resolution of 1136×640. I hope lot of Apple dudes are plan to buy iPhone's latest version so just save the money and wait till October for the new HD display(Original not other smartphone)resolution screen with huge features of iOS6.

Also we have noted that in the hardware part there is a small piece of hardware part pasted in the back of the iPhone back panel.Once we gone through the prototype pattern we came to know that its NFC enabling hardware part.Its really cool to have this feature in our extreme good iPhone.

Prototype Shown NFC:

Google recently win the "iWallet" prototype pattern and soon it will be available in the next iPhone.To implement this app in iPhone NFC is mandatory.Apple shown in the picture with next iPhone prototype will have NFC enabled.So Apple confirm that next iPhone will come with NFC enabled iWallet apps.Soon we can make a purchase in all the outlets using iWallet app."iWallet" from Apple so surely all the vendors immediately sign with or tie with Apple's iWallet app and which will facilitate to all the outlet.

In WWDC 2012 the new apps announced called Passbook.May be this app also work along with iWallet using NFC technology.So we have confirmed that the NFC enabled hardware fixed on the back of the iPhone.We can expect much more Apps based on this technology enabled on iPhone.

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