7-8 inch iPad will launch in October for $199 and $249

Apple has recently introduced the Retina MacBook Pro with high resolution in WWDC 2012. Now time to release the high resolution iPad with same Retina Display.Every one knew that recently the new iPad has released with high resolution.Now Bloomberg news reported that the 7 to 8 inch screen ipad will be released on coming october with retina display The screen will have higher resolution of 1024 x 768.

Smaller iPad means mini iPad will also be launched in coming October.The coming iPad surely will have the big screen around 7 inch or 8 inch with high resolution of 1024 x 768 which really more than enough for these type of screens.Also these iPads are expected to be launched in coming ocotber 2012.But these iPad doesn't have the retina display which is now available in the market 9.7 inch big iPad.The october launch of iPad will be soon expected in the market after the launch with price tag of $199 for 7 inch and $249 for bigger iPad.

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