Apple looking into the fix for Corrupted problem on Apps.

Every one know that last two days back App store affected with some inappropriate binaries has thrown out for iOS and Mac users,its shows that there is a crashes for most of the apps which is available in the App store. The first app which affected due to this problem and get the media attention is Instapaper fame.

There is lot of famous apps also affected becuase of this binaries generation problem.The list of like Yahoo search,Angry Birds,Instapaper and Google Reader. Also there are developer among the top 115 have also affected due to this problem. When this issue has raised,Apple has keep silent and there is no response from Apple. Now all the developer who are affected due this problem get the mail stating that soon it will be resolved. 

Finally Apple has said to media AllThingsD like this problem arrived due to one of the server side generated of DRM binary code.The people who are affected due to this problem can remove the apps and download it once again.

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