iCade Gaming for iPhone

All the gaming addicted people there is one more game has coming to iPhone users.So those who are getting bored of playing Nintendo and other games with touch physical buttons on the game console.Now there is painless game released to plan in iPhone yes playing game in iPhone not painful is in it?.Yes there is new Game called iCade which is announced for iPhone lovers.

The iCade specially designed for iPhone users as well as its connect to 3G and higher version. Also it supports iPad and iPod touch 3rd generation as well as the new iPad also which connect through the Bluetooth connectivity.The iCade games which is run on two dobule A batteries also its runs both size means landscape as well as portrait size.This iCade smartphone gaming has now worked amoung hundred games which will be released as soon in the market. The number games include pac-man ,Air Attack and other action games.

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