iMac with retina display arrive at October Rumor run in Chinese websites.

In China always some rumors going around in the net about Apple products.In the same line there is another rumor which is going around in the net about iMac.Recently Apple has revealed retina display MacBook Pro at WWDC 2012 event after that all the  news comes like all Apple product will be redesigned and will release in the market with retina display.But Apple is working on some new innovative product instead of
reinvent the wheel.

There is news flying in the net like new iMac will come with retina display along with high resolution display.This news first spread in the DigiTimes says that Apple parts distributors/suppliers got the new order from Apple for mass production of retina display iMac which is scheduled for July or october release.Before this news we have seen the  iMac will be released on May month.But as of now there is nothing official news from Apple for retina display iMac release.

Today another news came to the picture like Apple is planned to release the 7.85 inch iPad with display of IGZO panel.This news reports in as well as some other news channels.This new 7.85 inch iPad will be cost around $250

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