ooVoo Four way Video call feature available in the latest update app for iOS device.

The first one video call app which is allowed conference video call chat in the iOS devices like iPad,iPhone and iPod touch.Also recently ooVoo opens the four way video conference chat in the Facebook and its time to allow this feature on the companion devices like Android and other iOS devices.Now the company has released the supported app for all the OS which is running in the smartphone and tablets.Now the video streaming is supported at a time in the four ways which means that the four video streaming is available on the app.

Also the text messaging can possible at a time with 12 people.Also this is update in both iOS platform as well as Android platform.Also the  new look of this apps gets the Google services to give the feature like missed calls from the user and also the number of friends who are available in online.To provide there services ooVoo uses the Google integrated services.Also there is push notification which is allows that ability to push the text message during the video call chat as well.So totally its really a very good app and good innovation as well.

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