September-21 iPhone 5 expected to launch.

Now lot of rumor going around in the website about the iPhone 5 launch date.But still some of unofficial news we have collected and gather from the some source its says iPhone 5 will come to the September 21.But still there is no official confirmation from Apple.MadinMac we have received the exact date of launch from one "known person from Verizon" the US carrier and its blocked the date from 21st to 30th of sepetember. Also usually these verizon and AT&T will blockout the vocation before some official launch of smartphones in the market.So in September surely we can say that Apple will launch the iPhone 5.But Apple has not yet announced to their retail employee for block outs dates.But earlier we have seen that the new iPhone will be launched on September 12  but sale will be going to September 21.

Last time while iPhone 4s release immediately it went on sale for these countries like US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, and Japan on launch.So same for iPhone 5 as well immediately it will be available in these countries as well.

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