Small dock connector for next iPhone.

Every one knows that the next iPhone release will be in September but before that lot of accessories came to the market to support the next iPhone.Recently we have found the small docing connector for the next iPhone series.This is really a great doc connector which is running with  various parts connected to it.This much slimmer and weight less dock connector which is very slim as of now in the market.Today we know that 30 overall pin dock available in the market but it has only 8 pin per side means overall.This is really small as the micro USB connector and it has very portable connector which is having all the sides pin to connect to the iPhone.This is rumor going around in the net but still we have not yet any official confirmation from the company.

Now it seems there are 8pins come around both side of the dock.These pins are doing different feature function and it act as a complete one touch dock connector.This is really great dock which is not available as of now in the market so we can buy this ones this is really and not rumor.

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