Foxconn supports child labor in China.

Actually recent days there is lot of issues coming from Foxconn factory which is stated that child labor and high pressure on work.Now Foxconn admitted the child labor whos is underage and violation china's labor law.Actually Foxconn did some internal investigation in the Factory help with Yantai found some of the employees working with aga below 14 and 15 age(16 year old is egally allowed to work in china)Actually CNET reported that as per the statement received from the company "actually employee interns working below 14 and 15 years old is not only violation China's labor law as well as violation of Foxconn policy as well.

Also Foxconn said immediate action will be taken and return those interns to their college itself." this is
what the statement has came from Foxconn factory.This report came from the factory after the strike about the iPhone 5 quality standards.Also this report has sent to all the schools and college to check how this is happen without the respective institute knowledge.Actually the technology factory Foxconn said that it has reported strongly to all the institutional body and its must be strictly followed there after.

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