iPad mini production started aggressively and 10 Million units are expected end of 2012.

Apple has recently announced that they are started iPad mini production very aggressively and it seems it will be at the end of this year they are expected the sale will cross more than 10 million units.The new iPad mini is manufactured by WSJ.

Also Apple has given the  10 Million units order to WSJ. Also if the information is true then it will be more earning for Apple this year.Also the new iPad mini comes with 7.85-inch display.Also the new iPad mini price are expected to be less than around $399.

The analysis said that it will give the best competition to the Amazon kindle fire HD as wel as Nexus 7.Apple already in the first place selling smartphones and other gadgets but now its getting slow down because of heavy competition in the market so Apple is planning to start the lower end device as well to compete the market share.

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