iPad nano has entered into iFixit lab.

Apple recently released the new iPad nano along with iPhone 5 and the same iPod nano has reached the iFixit which is familiar for dissection of all the Apple  branded product.So now its time to dissection of iPad nano, actually its really tiny iPad nano is difficult to seperat each parts but iFixit has done it.Actually its heart breaking process while dissection of iPad nano.Actually this iPad nano is one of the best music player among all the iPad  nano in the market.

Also iFixit said that its really easy to disect the parts of iPad nano and replay with LCD or LED digitized glass.But the battery is so much powerful and its really so tiny and its tightly coupled with iPad nano sides.Also the lightning connector in the iPad nano and soldered together with battery so its quite impossible to disect. Also iFixit has given the score of dissection of iPad nano is 5 out of 10 which means that it will be partly possible to dissection and not completely.

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