iPhone 5 pre-order starts in India.

Actually coming October 26th Apple's new iPhone 5 expected to be released in India.Before that the pre-order starts in India acually starting from Tomorrow the pre-order starts in India.Actually the new iPhone 5 has launched September 12th world wide.Also in India every one expecting that when it has been launched in India.Also every one know the technology and configuration which is used in iPhone 5 but anyway once again we will see the configuration of India version of iPhone 5.
The new iPhone 5 comes with same 4-inch screen along with retina display comes with pixel resolution of 1136 x640.Also it comes with 8MP camera and front facing camera also available.Also the new camera will take the excellet pictures and panorama also available in new iPhone 5.The new iPhone 5 comes with 112 grams and comes with iOS 6.Also there is additional 200 features are added because it comes with iOS 6.The new iPhone 5 comes with 16GB model for the price tag of Rs.45,000 and 32GB comes with Rs.50,000.

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