New iMac expected to comes with TearDrop shape on iPad mini event.

Now a days lot of rumors are going around in the net about the iPad mini event.Actually apart from iPad mini event there is a lot of other products also expected from Apple as the recent rumors.Actually the well know Apple leak website says that on the iPad event there is another MacBook  13-inch retina display as well as iMac with TearDrop shaped will be released on this event.Actually when October begins Mad on iPad mini hype also begins as usual.Actually iMac may be possible because this iMac has not been update nearly 2 years.
Actually the new redesigned iMac is expected from the iPad mini event and the image of the new iMac redesigned has posted in the Chinese website WeiPhone.Also the website posted that the internals components of the iMac and logic board got changed to reduce the size of the iMac.Also the new redesigned iMac is more thinner than what we have seen currently and more curved as well.Also it comes with teardrop shape from the outer body.So soon we will expect bunch of releases from Apple on this October month.There is no doubt on that.

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